The games are about to begin!

For those teams playing at Millwood's arena, here are some of the photo products that will be available.

We will be taking a unique team pano shot for each team on March the 3rd at your first game.  ( Home team at start of game and visitor at end of game. )

These Team Panos are 6"x18" in size and make a great keepsake!  They will be printed out and available for purchase the next day.  Costs are $30/each and for a full team set you will receive free copies for your hard working coaches! 

How it works:

1. Register your player for action photos by giving us your players uniform number before the game at our booth.  This way we know who to shoot.  Its FREE.

2. After your game the images will be available at our viewing stations.  MAKE SURE TO LOGIN AND CREATE A FAVORITES CART!

3. To purchase, simply see the photo booth attendant, recall your favorites cart and select your items!